Who is Group Six?

How to describe Group Six? Statistically, they are 2 men and 2 women … or 3 Macai and 1 Eryndi … or 3 Magicians and 1 Warrior. No matter how you characterize them, Group Six is the funniest, most original gathering of questers to come on the sci-fi/fantasy scene in a dragon’s age.

The Group was assembled by the enigmatic Leader, a being with the emotions of a Vulcan and the humor of an IRS auditor, for a quest up the Talus River in search of a powerful Magician capable of granting their hearts’ desires. Why are they called Group Six? The answer to that is one of the things they seek … along with treasure, swordplay, Magical mastery, good ale, and just plain fun.

SERENA is a 27-year-old Macai Northlands Warrior. A fierce fighter, she values honor in battle above all. But Serena has a problem. She has been inhabited by a spirit which craves love, and causes anyone who meets Serena to adore her and refuse to harm her in any way. How’s a warrior supposed to get into a good knock-down drag-out when her opponents throw down their weapons and turn into drooling, love-sick fools?

ORCHID is a 30-year-old Macai forest steward. Raised by Eryndi foster parents, she practices the nature-centered Worldly Magic, which is unusual for a Macai. She struggles, not always successfully, to feel as connected to the natural world as Eryndi are simply by their birthright. Orchid prefers the forest to city streets, and is never shy about refilling her tankard with ale.

FOXX (“that’s with two x’s”) is a 33-year-old Macai Magician. Self-taught in the ways of Absolute Magic, he’s a bit of a con man at heart. His original desire to learn Magic had more to do with gaining an advantage at the gambling table than mastering the depths of the art. Foxx can always be counted on for a snarky comment, an eye for the ladies, and a flamboyant sense of style.

TRESADO is a practitioner of Absolute Magic. At 45, he’s still a young man among the very long-lived Eryndi. Unlike most members of his race, he’s on the pudgy and clumsy side, and a city boy at heart. While most Eryndi practice Worldly Magic, Tresado is a master of Absolute, with a particular talent for kinetic spells.