Free Group Six E-Book!

The second book in the Group Six series is available for pre-order starting today (Sunday, January 1). To celebrate, the publisher is giving away the e-book edition of Book 1 in the series, but only for today.

If you haven’t read Book 1 (Group Six and the River) yet, you’ll never find it at a better price! Feel free to share the love — gift some free e-book copies to your fantasy-loving friends. Click HERE to order it for free!

You can also pre-order Book 2 (Group Six and the Crater) for a great price — just $4.99 for the e-book. Click HERE to pre-order and receive your copy automatically when it’s released on May 1, 2023. (Yes, we previously announced a March release date, but the publisher decided to hold off until May in order to have some additional time for pre-release publicity.)

Here’s what awaits you in Book 2:

One little mistake and Tresado’s magical formula lands Group Six in a wasteland crawling with mutant monsters, a deadly disease, and creeping insanity that soon has them at each other’s throats. Their rescue by the militia from Abakaar seems providential. Hidden away in an oasis valley, Abakaar’s people are happy, prosperous, and peaceful. But Foxx’s Knowing Spell, which has always served him well at the gambling table, tells him that all is not as it seems. Has there ever been a group of Macai so placid and content? Where are the Eryndi citizens … including their friend Tresado? And why does no one ever leave Abakaar?

When an act of bravery catapults Foxx, Orchid, and Serena to the status of honored guests at the court of the Warrior Queen Minore, they must choose whether to accept the luxuries of Abakaar or risk their lives to expose a conspiracy which reaches across the planet.

Meanwhile, a parallel story 50,000 years in the past reveals the beginnings of both Abakaar and the magic widely practiced on the planet Lurra.

Join Group Six as their quest for treasure, magic, and fun takes them from a hellish desert to the paradise of Abakaar, and pits them against their most dangerous adversary yet.

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