Releasing May 1, 2023.

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Welcome to Lurra, a world inhabited by two races:  the more ancient and long-lived Eryndi and the physically stronger but shorter-lived and more recent Macai.  Group Six is a party of three magicians and a warrior who are recruited by the mysterious Leader to go on a quest up the Talus River.  There is Serena, a sword-wielding brawler from the Berserker-style Northlands Macai culture. Orchid, who practices the nature-attuned Worldly Magic, was born a Macai but raised by Eryndi.  Foxx, another Macai, is a gambler and con man whose self-taught Magic gives him a most persuasive personality.  Tresado, the only Eryndi in the group, practices the more powerful and manipulative Absolute Magic. 

What makes Lurra different from most fantasy worlds is that Magic doesn’t just happen to exist there.  It is the result of an interplanetary event in the far distant past that is gradually revealed through Group Six’s ongoing adventures.   Detailed world-building means that along with Group Six’s rollicking and sometimes comical exploits, readers will also learn the backstory of Lurra, including the history of its two races, the development of Magic, the rise and tragic downfall of an ancient empire, and the unsuspected influence of visitors from other worlds.