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Serena Brimstone, fierce Warrior Woman of the Northlands, awoke to find the enormous diamond she had recently claimed from a dying stranger embedded in her chest. But that wasn’t the oddest thing. Suddenly old sparring partners refused to fight her. Enemies throw down their weapons and profess their undying love for her. How’s a woman supposed to get into a good knock-down drag-out when all anyone will do is worship her?

When Serena and three Magicians are recruited by the enigmatic Leader to seek out a legendary wizard, and promised their hearts’ desires in return, she hopes she has finally found a way to be rid of the diamond and the adoration it causes others to feel for her. But things don’t go as planned for contentious new companions Serena, Orchid, Tresado, and Foxx (that’s with two x’s). They will need all their skills — and their senses of humor — as they deal with deception and betrayal, hungry river crocs, dart-wielding pygmies, an ancient water spirit, and a fabulous pleasure palace that thinks for itself.

Join Group Six as they journey up the River Talus on the magically-powered catamaran Enchanter in search of spells, swordplay, wealth, and a rousing good time!